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Minimising Fuel Costs

With the transport sector responsible for 28% of the total CO2 emissions in the EU – the majority of which originate from the road transport sector – legislation is now requiring manufacturers to act positively to reduce these figures.

Telematics has a vital role to play in helping to reduce emissions, providing real time quantitative measures of the carbon footprint directly compensated for by fuel savings.

What does that mean? In short, real experience shows that by using the right equipment and technologies, companies can operate green strategies which are effectively funded by the resultant fuel savings.

The Corporate Connection Insight specialises in sourcing telematics solutions to achieve this goal, providing quantitative analysis of areas including CO2 emissions, fuel economies and driver training.

The latest technologies link directly to a vehicle’s engine management system to report on issues ranging from driver behaviour patterns to fuel intensive operations. Current figures indicate that moderating driver behaviour can yield savings of 10-15% on fuel usage.

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