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Risk Management

Choosing the right telematics systems provides access to an extensive range of reports designed to mitigate, safeguard and assist with legal compliance responsibilities, including the European Working Time Directive.

It is possible to secure reduced insurance premiums for approved systems, and often the reduction will pay for the cost of the system. Asset protection is an important issue, and many systems offer additional benefits such as alerts linked to speeding, open doors etc which can play an important role in fleet control.

Telematics systems can be tailored to provide a variety of automatic, live and instant security features designed to assist risk management procedures and provide security of both fleet and goods in transit.

Historical reporting addresses HR issues, in support of risk management obligations under the Duty of Care Act and Health and Safety regulations. Instant alert and exception reporting facilities enables management to demonstrate real commitment to addressing problems caused by reckless driving, reducing the chances of accidents and contributing to reduced running and maintenance costs.

For more detailed information on the real corporate governance issues addressed by these systems, request a no-obligation assessment from one of our specialists.

“Gambling with people’s lives is socially, economically and commercially unacceptable.”
Lord MacLaurin

“By looking after your employees on the road you are looking after your business as well.”
John Howard, Chief Executive, RoSPA

“The cost of doing something will always be less than the cost of doing nothing.”
Roger Ashman, Fleet Support Group

“The proper management of the company’s work-related road safety responsibilities is not an option!”
Lord MacLaurin