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Insight to Telematics Solutions

At The Corporate Connection, we’re focusing on giving our customers independent advice and the ammunition to make the right decisions about their logistics businesses, based on real knowledge, facts and existing systems.

It’s all about business intelligence helping you to do business – “it’s not what we know, but what we do with what we know”

So how do we do that?
David has spent the last six years in a hands–on directorial capacity, leading telematics companies delivering innovative technical growth strategies which embrace the evolving telematics technologies.

He has been instrumental in the introduction of a whole new generation of technologies to the telematics solution, was an early advocate of “end-to-end solutions” and has focused his expertise on the interface to a vehicle’s engine management system – CANbus - to provide quantitative green strategies, vehicle and driver profiles (the DNA of the fleet) paid for by fuel savings and much more.

End to End Telematics solution - Power Point Presentation
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David has spoken at many national conferences addressing Fuel and Green issues and Risk Management.