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The Corporate Connection’s work covers a wide range of enterprises over many different industry sectors, including:

active voice & data

Iain Simpson, Managing Director, Active Voice and Data Ltd

Active Voice and Data was incorporated in 2001 by the current Director and Shareholder Iain Simpson and engaged with The Corporate Connection from the outset for mentoring support for the venture, which was a ‘new start’.

The mentoring support covered all facets of the company’s growth, including, but not exclusive to:-

  • Deliverable strategies for business growth
  • Business planning (including financial forecast to secure initial funding)
  • Ongoing coaching during the growth period and further funding
  • General mentoring

The Active Voice & Data product portfolio offers a one stop shop for high end telephony and network services supplying unified business communications solutions (voice, data, fax, email, mobile) and the installation and maintenance of Siemens leading-brand telephone systems.

The business now employs 15 staff and current sales forecasts exceed £1 million.


“My one-to-one coach was Dr David Clayton, who helped me to agree my strategies for growth and to formulate a business plan including a three year financial forecast to secure funding from my bank. This gave me a firm base from which to grow my business, and additional business coaching was always close at hand.” Iain Simpson

AV&D has continued to increase sales and margins despite the recessive economy and is now addressing future growth plans.

“We have had a succession of year on year improvements in trading results and our organic growth will continue. However, there are many opportunities in the market and our plans are to formulate a strategy to grow by acquisition. We have engaged again with coach Dr David Clayton to support us through our proposals.”

Founder & Director, Emmtech Solutions Ltd

The Corporate Connection provided mentoring and advisory support for this new start company including:-

  • Technical assessment of the product, the service and identified market need
  • Business strategies and business planning
  • Marketing strategies
  • General mentoring – maintaining contracts and controlling finances in the current market

“Without David’s support I may not have got into business. His guidance throughout was brilliant and I now have a significant contract with BT and tenders in the pipeline.”

Founder & Managing Director, Evolve Selection Ltd

The Corporate Connection engaged with this new start company to provide mentoring, advisory support and coaching for growth, including:-

  • Strategies and funding for start up
  • Corporate structure
  • Business strategies and business planning, particularly market assessment and marketing strategy
  • Product and service offerings – developing USPs and added value propositions
  • Funding for growth
  • General mentoring – growth and employment issues

Evolve now operates in the niche pharmaceutical industry and employs six full time staff and 10 contract sales representatives. Growth into further sectors is planned.


“Leaving a sound and secure job to start a new business is quite a huge challenge. David’s advice and support from the start provided the focus for our early success and avoided the many pitfalls along the way. I am confident we now have a robust platform for our plans for future growth.”

Founder & Director, DMD Design & Marketing Ltd

The Corporate Connection enjoys a special relationship with DMD. Over recent challenging years the organisation has engaged as confidant, mentor, and advisor, addressing general issues of:-

  • Advice on the general financial climate, impact on cash flow, funding and banking requirements
  • Sharing a watching brief of the logistics markets and the potential trading impacts on DMD’s specialist marketing activities in this sector.

DMD is one of the UK’s foremost providers of marketing solutions for the logistics and transport sector. www.dmddesign.co.uk

“A friend in need is a friend indeed – it is always important to have a sound, reliable, and knowledgeable friend to discuss the general business climate and its ongong effects on the transport sector.”

Founder & Director, optiMPG Ltd

The Corporate Connection’s expertise in telemetry provided a special empathy with the new product offering from optiMPG, and the organisation was contracted to provide a mentoring and advisory role for the new venture.

A robust business plan was required for the Directors and third parties to determine strategies and fund raising requirements and covered areas including :-

  • Technical and market appraisals
  • Corporate structure, strategies and funding for start up
  • Business strategies and business planning re assessment of market, marketing strategies, product and service offerings, competitor analysis, commercial partners,
  • USPs and added value propositions
  • Green strategies and fuel savings (Return on Investment)
  • Funding for growth/management partners
  • General mentoring and controlling growth

“David’s depth of commercial knowledge and experience in the sector underpinned our planning and gave us realistic targets on all fronts for the future of the business.”


Founder & Managing Director, Abbey FuelCards Ltd

Abbey Fuel Cards was one of the UK’s leading fuel card brands until acquisition by The Fuel Card Company. The company continued to expand rapidly and a revised corporate strategy was required to address the huge potential growth.

The Corporate Connection was engaged to address this issue and support Board discussions and negotiations to leverage the maximum returns from the company’s unique position.

David’s role was as mentor, advisor, and negotiator relating to:-

  • The introduction of equity capital for the expansion of the business, or disposal of the business to a number of potential buyers
  • Support with business strategies and planning re corporate structuring for tax mitigation, market and competitor analysis, preparation for due diligence (financial, technical, legal)
  • General mentoring

Abbey Fuels was successfully sold for a significant sum in 2008 to the Fuel Card Company.


“David’s previous experience with company acquisitions provided a good sounding board throughout our discussions and ensured a successful outcome to the Abbey Fuel Cards negotiations.”